Introducing the new Sycope Probe

News | 13.09.2023

Sycope Probe is a powerful, purpose-built network monitoring appliance designed for real-time traffic analysis. By continuously analyzing data packets at line rate speeds, the Sycope Probe produces comprehensive NetFlow, IPFIX, and metadata, providing complete visibility into network usage and behavior.

Sycope Probe, at its core boasts, a high-performance packet analysis engine capable of processing traffic at multi-Gbps speeds. By examining data traffic, Sycope Probe creates detailed records of communication between endpoints. These records include: source/destination IPs, packet/byte counts, timestamps, and much more, furnishing administrators with crucial insights for capacity planning, security, troubleshooting, and other tasks.

Sycope Probe supports both NetFlow (v5/v9) and IPFIX, offering flexibility in how flow records are expored. Application-layer visibility allows administrators not only to see volumetric traffic data but also to identify specific applications and protocols in use on the network. 

Your benefits:

  • Complete troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Reliable NetFlow generation, even when exporter fails
  • L7 visibility for a crystal-clear network picture
  •  Effortless deployment and management
  • Scalability options that adapt to your needs

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Softprom is an official distributor of Sycope