Introducing Employee Scorecards & QR Code Attack Simulations!

News | 06.12.2023

1. Internal Comms & Employee Scorecards

The Internal Communication Center empowers our customers to manage employee communication by providing updates on progress and allowing them to send notifications and alerts. As the Internal Communication Center evolves, a diverse range of features will gradually be introduced. The first feature available is Employee Scorecards, which provides each employee with a personal assessment of their performance with scores ranging from ⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
These scorecards, delivered every three months, are crafted in a friendly, positive tone, providing encouragement and tips for enhancing cyber awareness.

Internal Communication Cente

Key features of Employee Scorecards:

  • Scorecard designs and wording adapt to the employee's performance
  • Highly customizable to match the brand colors and visual themes
  • Sent automatically at the end of each learning cycle
  • Allows employees to track progress and identify areas for improvement

 Accompanying Internal Comms is a new Analytics page, offering a breakdown of cultural behavior within the organization.
Please note that the Managers Program has been integrated into the Internal Comms page under Department Comms.

2. QR Code Simulations & Awareness Bites

In light of the increasing prevalence of QR code phishing attacks, we have implemented QR-based phishing simulations.
Instead of a link, a QR code is displayed. When employees scan it, they are directed to a page that educates them on identifying suspicious signs in QR-based attacks.

QR simulations will be automatically included in future learning cycles, eliminating any need for manual intervention on the customers' part. We have also created an Awareness Bite about QR codes that is available under the Mobile Phone Security Category.

In addition, we have added the employee count to the Click rate over time graph, available on the Phishing Trends page. The "Include Archived" checkbox in the graph will allow our customers to view historical trends and apply them to the Click rate over time and the Organization Break Down into Risk Groups graphs.

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