Interview with our founder and CEO

News | 26.08.2020

In an Interview with the german Wirtschaftsforum (Business Forum), Softprom-CEO and founder, Pavel (Paul) Zhdanovych shared insights into his business career with Softprom:

Softprom was founded on 9/9/1999 in Kiew, Ukraine and was moved to Vienna, Austria in 2007 where the founder and CEO lives.

As a value-added IT distributor, Softprom focuses on cloud solutions and IT security, offering companies a broad portfolio of standard tools as well as special solutions. The company benefits from a great need and high demand for cloud solutions. In Germany in particular, there is still a lot of catching up to do among both, SMB and large enterprises. Softprom offers solutions for all kinds of security issues - from conferencing tools like Zoom or GoToMeeting to data security (e.g. by Imperva) on to standard tools like the G Suite from Google or Amazon Web Services. Softprom cooperates with over 80 vendors of different sizes, from promising start-ups ups like Ericom and CybeReady, to well established big names in the industry, such as Termind. The company doesn't limit itself to acting merely as reseller, but partner of our clients, by offering education, training and technical assistance.

From a business perspective, Softprom is the only distributor that can act in four major regions: DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), CIS excluding Russia, and Russia. With offices and representatives in 13 countries, Softprom serves 33 markets in total today.



Future will bring an increased dense of Bots, both good and bad that shape the way we work. Moreover, access control and deception-detecting systems will get more attention. Finally, data on smartphones will become more relevant than on desktops and laptops, as monnile devices are becoming the key to all company information.

This abstract is taken from an interview published by Wirtschaftsforum, read it here (in german):