Innovative SaaS-based platform Cymulate now in the Softprom` portfolio.

News | 15.07.2020

July, 2020 - Softprom, a leading Value Added IT distributor, and developer of an innovative cybersecurity solution Cymulate, have signed a distribution agreement. Softprom will implement the Cymulate solution in more than 30 countries, in the CIS and Europe, thereby helping companies stay one step ahead of attackers.
Cimulate - an awards-winning SaaS-based Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform. This unique solution evaluates the architecture and processes of organizations` security controls, and launches real attacks on existing assets, but without the risk of hacking. Organizations can regularly use an automated approach to assess the effectiveness of the security controls resilience to the latest threats.
The continuous security testing strategy allows to find out how effective an organization’s current security controls are, uncover new security gaps as soon as they arise, and repeatedly and frequently reduce an organization’s attack surface to constantly optimize its security posture.
Using automated breach and attack simulation, security teams:
1. Simulate cyber-attacks across the full kill chain.
2. Evaluate controls based on identified gaps.
3. Remediate exposures using actionable insights.
4. Repeat hourly, weekly, daily or whenever. 
The latest string of ransomware hold-ups, business email compromises and state-sponsored APT campaigns require a shift in cybersecurity strategy. By continually challenging your security controls, uncovering their weak spots and tweaking them to improve their effectiveness, security teams can continually shrink their attack surface and improve their organization’s overall security posture.
About Cymulate
Cymulate was founded by an elite team of former IDF intelligence officers who identified frustrating inefficiencies during their cybersecurity operations. From this came their mission to empower organizations worldwide and make advanced cybersecurity as simple and familiar as sending an e-mail. Today, Cymulate is trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide, including leading banks and financial services.
About Softprom
Softprom is the leading Value Added IT Distributor in the CIS and Europe, trusted by more than 1000 partners. Softprom was founded in 1999 and today is represented in more than 30 countries. Softprom provides professional services for testing, training, installation, implementation and technical support of IT solutions.