ImmuniWeb Unveils 2 New Solutions for Continuous Security Monitoring

News | 08.03.2024

ImmuniWeb Unveils 2 New Solutions for Continuous Security Monitoring: Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART), Continuous Breach and Attack Simulation (CBAS).

Today, rapid detection and timely remediation of security flaws are crucial to outpace cybercriminals, prevent data breaches, and avoid painful sanctions by regulators..

To help ImmuniWeb customers to protect themselves from the rapidly growing number and sophistication of cyberattacks amid the highly volatile cyber-threat landscape, ImmuniWeb enhances continuous penetration testing with two new offerings that jointly cover all modern needs of continuous security monitoring:

  • Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART).
  • Continuous Breach and Attack Simulation (CBAS).

The offerings are available as a flexible and customizable SaaS subscription to ImmuniWeb Continuous product. Now, all ImmuniWeb customers will have a possibility to monitor and test their web applications, APIs and cloud services around the clock, 365 days a year.

The novel solutions can continually monitor unlimited number of targets: the most critical ones will be instantly tested by ImmuniWeb security experts as soon as a change in application’s code is detected or new vulnerability in software stack is publicly disclosed. The less critical targets will be continually tested with ImmuniWeb AI technology in a 100% automated mode, while providing a contractual zero false positives SLA for all findings. Additionally, ImmuniWeb security analysts are available 24/7 for any questions about remediation or exploitation of the detected vulnerabilities, serving as an extension of software development teams for customers.

Another important benefit of the CART and CBAS offerings is a possibility to ascertain that your security solutions and intrusion detection mechanisms work as expected in production environment. For example, a SQL injection vulnerability may be present in your API, but its exploitation will be limited because of a properly configured WAF or cloud-based IPS that prevents exfiltration of sensitive data from your database. Moreover, in-depth vulnerability analysis allows ImmuniWeb customers to prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts in a risk-based and data-driven approach.

With the introduction of two new offerings, ImmuniWeb customers will be able to fully customize their approach to vulnerability testing and exploitation by selecting the most relevant attack scenarios from MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise Matrix and other collections of known TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) actively exploited by known cybercrime actors. To streamline integration with SIEMs, other internal security systems or in-house DFIR teams, new offerings are equipped with over 50 CI/CD and DevSecOps turn-key integrations.

We are delighted to bring new turbo-charged capabilities to our customers from over 50 countries to better and faster detect new security vulnerabilities in order to minimize data breaches and their harsh consequences. A growing number of new laws and regulations expressly require security testing to be conducted in a continuous mode, replacing the outmoded annual penetration tests. Our portfolio of continuous security monitoring products is now holistic: today, we can offer all kinds of continuous security testing tailored to any kind of web infrastructure, varying regulatory and compliance needs, budget considerations and risk appetite of our global clientele. By leveraging human intelligence for expert testing of business-critical targets, while combining it with the high speed, scalability and cost efficiency of AI, we will provide our customers with the best value for money and a peace of mind by assurance that everything is under control, 24/7/365

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, Chief Architect at ImmuniWeb

New offerings are already available for sale.

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