Hanwha Vision Upgraded Q series Cameras with AI Features

News | 25.03.2024

The Q series is an affordable Hanwha Vision’s product line that is ideal in securing small to medium-sized applications, such as retail, banking, offices, transportation and more while delivering sharp and clear image quality.

Various resolution options from 2MP to 8MP

Q series offers a range of indoor and outdoor cameras available in 2MP, 4MP and 5MP, equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics features.

Q series AI

The great news is that Hanwha Vision launched a new product innovation: the Q series AI products with an AI engine that leads to advanced analysis efficiency.

Q series AI cameras detect person or vehicles based on motion detection in real-time and filter unnecessary movements such as waving leaves, shadows or moving animals, resulting in a reduction of false alarms.

False alarm reduction​

AI cameras Q series detect object types such as Person/Vehicle and generate metadata such as car/bus/truck/motorcycle/bicycle, which will be sent to the VMS/NVR to be used for forensic search. Forensic search dramatically enhances the search efficiency by reducing time spent looking for events.

The Q series AI cameras also include intelligent video analytics for area and line crossing, to detect people and vehicles loitering, exiting, and entering a pre-defined space.

Wide Dynamic Range features and WiseNRII

The Q series AI cameras come with improved Wide Dynamic Range features and WiseNRII, which uses AI to intelligently identify movement and reduces blur in noisy, low light environments.

Q series AI cameras comprise models available in 8MP/5MP resolutions with three different shapes: Vandal, Micro Vandal, and Bullet. 4K resolution enables a wider field of view with exceptional image quality.

AI cameras Q series can withstand harsh environmental conditions with a hard-coated dome bubble that provides better resistance to scratches which can degrade resolution. The cameras additionally have humidity control with a built-in air vent that prevents condensation.

Next-level cybersecurity gives peace of mind that data captured by the Q series AI cameras is protected by user and network authentication, secure communication, access control based on IP addresses, and deep encryption.

All models are available for ordering.

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