Hanwha Vision introduces Bi-Spectrum ​AI Radiometry Thermal Camera

News | 10.05.2024

Hanwha Vision, the global vision solution provider, launches Bi-Spectrum AI Radiometry Thermal Camera lineup (TNM-C3620TDR, C3622TDR, C4940TDR, C4942TDR). The new lineup offers visible and thermal imaging in one device, providing accurate monitoring even in challenging weather or lightning conditions.

The cameras offer AI-based object detection and wide temperature monitoring from -4℉ to 266℉ (-20℃ ~ 130℃). Thanks to the camera’s high level of security and monitoring accuracy, it is applicable in a variety of vertical markets including data centers, manufacturing and industrial facilities, air and seaports, utilities, and mining areas.​

Hanwha Vision Bi-Spectrum AI Radiometry Thermal Camera lineup

All-in-One Bi-Spectrum Camera

By integrating visible and thermal cameras into a single device, users can monitor both types of imaging with one camera. With the ability to remotely monitor not only visible changes in appearance, but also invisible issues such as internal temperature changes as a result of wear and tear on aging equipment, it is the optimal solution for proactively preventing heat-related equipment failures, process gaps and potential fires. The Bi-spectrum cameras also support continuous monitoring of people and objects with thermal video, even in situations where visible video monitoring is not possible, such as complete darkness or fog, enabling 24/7 continuous monitoring in any environment.

AI-Based Accurate Object Detection

Hanwha Vision’s Bi-Spectrum AI Radiometry Thermal Cameras use thermal imaging and AI-based object detection technology to enhance the monitoring accuracy of people and vehicles in scenarios where visible cameras struggle at night or in challenging outdoor conditions. AI technology minimizes false alarms and allows operators to respond quickly and accurately to potential hazards.

The AI-based object detection is provided on the visible channel only for indoor models, and provided to both visible and thermal channels for outdoor models.

Wide Temperature Monitoring

The camera is capable of detecting a wide range of temperatures from -4℉ to 266℉ (-20℃ ~ 130℃), making it applicable for facilities dealing with high-temperature such as manufacturing plants. Alarms are generated and sent to users when the temperature of any of the configured Regions of Interest (ROIs) is above or below the user-defined value. It allows an early detection and reliable monitoring of equipment that needs regular inspection, as well as facilities or processes that are potentially at risk from heat sources.

Vertical Application and VMS Compatibility

The Bi-Spectrum AI Radiometry Thermal Camera is applicable in various environments with indoor and outdoor fire risks. For instance, it can be installed at electric vehicle charging stations to monitor the temperature of overheating chargers and batteries, or can be used to detect temperature abnormalities of facility equipment prone to temperature changes. The camera offers seamless integration with Hanwha Vision’s VMS (Video Management Software) for operators to quickly and easily search AI events, improving efficiency in terms of both security and facility management.

With the launch of the Bi-Spectrum AI Radiometry Thermal Camera, Hanwha Vision now offers an innovative solution featuring the integration of visible and thermal imaging, AI-based object detection, and wide temperature monitoring. It also contributes to fire prevention and facility safety management while enhancing security and management efficiency.