Get notifications for all messages in a Google Chat space

News | 10.05.2024

In the last year, Google made numerous improvements to Google Chat that help you stay on top of the busy flow of communication and make it easier to prioritize and find the conversations that are most important to you. However, there are some conversations where you always need to be notified, like spaces dealing with customer support or operational issues.

Get notifications for all messages in a Google Chat

May 10, 2024. For conversations that require a higher level of attention, Google introduced a new “notify all” functionality for in-line threaded spaces.

If this option is selected, you will be notified of all new messages in the space. This includes receiving notifications for all @ mentions, threads followed, and even threads that you do not follow, allowing you to stay on top of everything happening in a conversation.

The options within notification settings are being updated to: “All”, “Main conversations”, “For you”, and “None” so that you can better tailor your notifications preferences for in-line threaded spaces.

To update your notification settings in a space, click the three dots (more options) next to the space name > Notification settings > select an option for notifications. Or you can click the space header > Notifications > select an option for notifications.