Forcepoint named a «Leader» in the Forrester Wave: Security Service Edge (Q1 2024)

News | 26.04.2024

Forcepoint ONE is a good choice for enterprise customers seeking a solution with strong data detection and data loss prevention capabilities.

Forcepoint named a «Leader» in the Forrester Wave: Security Service Edge (Q1 2024)

Forcepoint, along with one other vendor, held the highest score in the ‘Data protection’ criterion at a 4.6 out of 5. In their report, Forrester assessed the most significant SSE vendors against 25 detailed criteria.

Forcepoint focuses on the data protection that it is best known for. The vendor has long understood the needs of the ZTE / SASE / SSE space and has been able to translate that into a clear vision for its portfolio. Now, years of delivering detailed roadmaps and patiently (re)engineering its early portfolio have come to fruition with Forcepoint ONE, a solid offering that adds rich data protection to SSE

The Forrester Wave: Security Service Edge Solutions, Q1 2024

Forrester Wave: Security Service Edge (Forcepoint)

Forcepoint has been working toward – building a comprehensive data security platform that leverages an SSE architecture to extend visibility and control to everywhere that users and services interact with sensitive data. This approach is called «Data Security Everywhere».

The internet and public cloud applications continue to be sources of more risk than most organizations are equipped to deal with. Cloud applications continue to be easy targets even for simple hacking techniques like credential stuffing. This is why it is important to have unified visibility and control of content across sanctioned cloud applications and general web access including ‘shadow IT’–to properly and effectively secure access to resources and the use of sensitive data security administrators need to be able to easily apply different levels of control across different resources while maintaining consistent visibility and the ability to stop the inappropriate movement of data (whether keeping sensitive data in or malware out). Without unified visibility and control the realization of a Zero Trust approach will remain out of reach.

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