Ericom Offers 60 Days of Free Ericom Connect Licenses

News | 08.04.2020

Ericom is committed to help enterprises provide remote access for their employees so they can safely work at home..

Ensuring business continuity during uncontrolled events like the Corona-lockdown in most countries using browser-based remote access from anywhere.

Ericom quickly connects home-based employees with business systems and their office desktops. New: Ericom Connect 60 Days Free Licenses

If you need to quickly connect home-based employees to help close the office in your current business environment, we have what you need. In less than an hour, your employees will get started with our intuitive and easy-to-use software solution.

Ericom offers free 60-day licenses for Ericom Connect to use your browser anytime, anywhere to provide your employees with access to business-critical applications and their office desktops. And to protect users when they browse websites from home, you can also get free 60-day licenses for Ericom Shield Zero Trust Browsing .

Ericom Connect for secure access to the desktop and applications allows employees to stay connected, be secure and productive.

Ericom Connect licenses apply to the first 100 users. Ericom Shield free licenses apply to 25 users.

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