Emerging Threats: How to assess your company’s security posture

News | 16.06.2021

Using a security operations platform to improve your security posture

It is essential for security professionals to stay up to date with the latest security incidents and emerging threats, such as cyber espionage (APT10 attacks) or supply chain attacks (SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange breaches). When we report on these events, it is important to share teams’ findings and collaborate with other security stakeholders. Information sharing allows transparency, increasing efficiency, and will help to change your security posture from reactive to anticipatory.

In this webinar, our partner ThreatQuotient will demonstrate how a security operations platform can be used to assess your security posture against emerging threats:

  • How to leverage threat intelligence to assess security posture
  • Learn how the cyber situation room can be used to improve communication and collaboration across teams
  • Best practice for analysis processes and information sharing

Date & Time: Tues 29th June, 4pm-5pm CEST (Praha, Vienna, Warszawa)  - Register now! 

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