Elevate Your Cybersecurity with Imperva Cloud WAF

News | 01.11.2023

In the world of digital modernization, using a web application firewall (WAF) is not an option, it's a necessity. But in the endless sea of security solutions, how do you choose the right one? How do you make sure you're not just ticking a box, but actually strengthening your digital fortress?

Let's take a look at Imperva Cloud WAF. This is more than just a WAF offering - it's part of Imperva's application security platform that protects from edge to application with defense in depth.

Protect your organization from automated attacks with Imperva Cloud WAF

The comprehensive protection offered by the Imperva Application Security Platform goes beyond traditional security measures. Advanced bot protection, API security, DDoS protection, client-side protection, attack analysis and runtime protection are bundled into one powerful package.

Imperva is aware that the cyber landscape is constantly evolving. Attackers are innovating and discovering new exploits, so out-of-the-box protection is an essential component for complete coverage. This is where Imperva Cloud WAF really shines. In fact, Imperva was named a leader in security effectiveness and operational efficiency in the 2022 Cloud WAF CyberRisk report, based on tests conducted by SecureIQLab. The tests included more than 9,000 attacks against Imperva Cloud WAF and 13 other security solutions.

How Imperva detects and blocks sophisticated malicious actors

While most WAF solutions focus on a narrow set of predefined rules, Imperva applies advanced security modeling and machine learning to identify the bad actors trying to disguise themselves in sheep's clothing. By leveraging extensive global threat data, the system can detect suspicious activity and block it in real time.

Unlike most traditional solutions, Imperva doesn't overwhelm you with tons of logs and false positives. Thanks to the powerful Attack Analytics feature, you get pinpoint insights into attacks, not just an endless stream of alerts. This feature consolidates and analyzes multiple security alerts to turn them into a manageable number of actionable insights, maximizing the efficiency of your incident response process.


Secure applications and APIs with the highest ROI

Getting all these features from a single provider is not only practical, but also financially smart. It saves you from managing licenses from multiple vendors, negotiating contracts and dealing with different support channels. With Imperva Application Security, you have one solution, one vendor and one central point of control.

Imperva: True application security is about comprehensive, intelligent protection that adapts to new threats, reduces your workload and integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. With Imperva Cloud WAF and the Application Security Platform (Advance Bot Protection, API Security, DDoS, CSP, ATO), you get more than just a security product. You get a trusted, reliable partner dedicated to protecting your critical assets, preserving your reputation and driving your business forward in an increasingly challenging digital environment.

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