Discover the new features of Sycope 2.6

News | 12.06.2024

In today's fast-paced IT environment, businesses need an efficient, user-friendly, and multifunctional tool.

Sycope v2.6 meets this demand, offering powerful new capabilities to enhance network monitoring and security, while also providing functionalities for asset inventory and multitenancy.

Sycope 2.6

Key updates in Sycope v 2.6 include among others:

  • Asset Discovery: The latest version introduces advanced asset discovery functionality, utilizing the NetFlow protocol to monitor existing network resources and log traffic between specified subnets, hosts, or applications. This feature enables comprehensive oversight of extensive networks, ensuring alignment between actual network operations and documented configurations for systems, services, and applications.
  • Multitenancy: This new feature supports the management of multiple entities or independent IT networks from a single, centralized console. Designed for Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and Security Operation Centers (SOCs), such as those operated by telecommunications companies, shared service centers, and IT integrators, the multitenancy module offers two operating modes: Master Console and Tenant.
  • UI Improvements: We prioritize enhancing user experience, and the new release reflects this commitment.

 Sycope 2.6 sets a new benchmark for IT management excellence. Embrace the future of IT infrastructure management today. Check out this short video where we dive into the exciting new features of Sycope 2.6.