CybeReady and Securus360 collaborate to enhance cybersecurity in schools

News | 05.12.2023

CybeReady, a global security awareness training leader, has teamed up with Securus360, known for K-12 cybersecurity expertise. The alliance aims to fortify the "human firewall" against cyber threats in education.

Securus360 offers its clients a compelling deal – a complimentary 90-day trial of CybeReady's cybersecurity awareness training. This solution equips organizations to confidently tackle digital security challenges, reducing vulnerability to phishing and cyber threats.

The education sector is our focus as it now ranks as the most frequently targeted industry for cyberattacks in the nation. Our mission is to protect sensitive student information and other critical personal data within the network systems of K-12 school districts and various educational institutions. Our partnership with CybeReady and deployment of their Security Awareness Training solution builds a strong first line of defence by delivering effective cyber awareness.

Daniel Eickhoff, Director of Sales at Securus360

CybeReady's practical learning approach, including realistic scenarios, prepares individuals to handle real-world cyber threats. The collaboration ensures a broader audience benefits from CybeReady's proficiency, offering tailored security education to enhance overall readiness.

The Education sector is subject to constant cyberattacks. Security Awareness Training is proven to enhance an organisation's defensive capabilities. Our goal is to train employees in education organisations to safeguard their information assets effectively, and teaming up with Securus360 marks a major stride in furthering this objective.

Jonathan Stone, VP North America at CybeReady.

This partnership represents a milestone in digital security, integrating comprehensive awareness training to address the escalating need for cyber vigilance. The 90-day trial empowers Securus360's clients with tools and knowledge to improve security, safeguard information, and proactively address cybersecurity risks. The strategic approach underscores the vital role of human awareness in effective technological defenses, with CybeReady leading the way.

CybeReady’s mission is to make security awareness training easy and effective for enterprises. By bringing together learning expertise, data science and automation, CybeReady allows enterprises to embrace success.

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