CyberArk Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Machine Identity Management Leader Venafi from Thoma Bravo

News | 21.05.2024

Expands CyberArk’s Total Addressable Market with Complementary Machine Identity Solutions

This acquisition will combine Venafi’s best-in-class machine identity management capabilities with CyberArk’s leading identity security capabilities to establish a unified platform for end-to-end machine identity security at enterprise scale. More>>

Digital transformation and ongoing cloud migration have led to an exponential increase in the number of machine identities, such as workloads, code, applications, IoT devices and containers. The number of machines is rapidly outpacing the growth in their human counterparts, with more than 40 machine identities for every human identity. Left unprotected, they serve as a lucrative hunting ground for cybercriminals. These machine identities need to be discovered, managed, secured and automated to keep their connections and communications safe. This is made more complex by shorter certificate lifecycles, from 398 to 90 days, and the need to be quantum ready.

The combination of Venafi’s certificate lifecycle management, private Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), IoT identity management and cryptographic code signing, with CyberArk’s secrets management capabilities will enable organizations to protect against misuse and compromise of machine identities, vastly improve security, and stop costly outages. Having a breadth and depth of options for machine identity security all in one solution – that can be deployed as SaaS or hybrid – will enable faster risk mitigation for organizations of all sizes looking to secure modern cloud environments.

As an innovative leader in PKI and certificate management with a robust presence in modern cloud environments, Venafi offers complementary solutions that expand CyberArk’s total addressable market (TAM) by nearly $10 billion to approximately $60 billion.