CyberArk Privilege Cloud 13.2

News | 24.07.2023

CyberArk Privilege Cloud 13.2 is here and now offers Bring Your Own Key functionality and empowers customers in regulated industries to host, manage, and revoke encryption keys for data access. More>>

Improvements include:

CyberArk Privileged Session Manager (PSM) Enhancements

  • Simpler CyberArk PSM upgrade with automatic AppLocker configuration merger
  •  Simultaneous CyberArk PSM audit of keystrokes, window titles and SQL commands
  • CyberArk PSM installation now supports Windows Server 2022 
  • CyberArk PSM for SSH now supports deployment on an updated service pack of SUSE 15 SP4 operation system. 

Extended Integration Across the CyberArk Identity Security Platform

CyberArk Privilege Cloud v13.2 offers extended capabilities for securely managing the credentials of CyberArk Conjur users (humans) and hosts (applications). 

Custom Plugin Development Improvement

CyberArk Privilege Cloud v13.2 improves our web application connection component and CPM plugin frameworks. This provides a simpler way to create new PSM and CPM plugins for custom systems. Customers can also now incorporate custom conditional logic, based on the context of access to their target systems. 

Softprom is an official distributor of CyberArk