CyberArk has been named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management

News | 11.08.2020

CyberArk is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant; in the last iteration of this research it was a Leader.Its Privileged Access Security (PAS) solution offers PASM capabilities as software or SaaS. For PEDM, CyberArk offers Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) for Windows and Mac, and On-Demand Privileges Manager (OPM) for UNIX/Linux. Application Access Manager offers secrets management. CyberArk’s operations are geographically diversified. In May 2020, CyberArk branched out into access management by acquiring Idaptive.

By 2024, 50% of organizations will have implemented a just in time (JIT) privileged access model, which eliminates standing privileges, experiencing 80% fewer privileged breaches than those that don’t. By 2024, 65% of organizations that use privileged task automation features will save 40% on staff costs for IT operations for IaaS and PaaS, and will experience 70% fewer breaches than those that don’t.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for PAM

Strengths GyberArk

  • Success in the PAM Market: CyberArk has a long-standing history in the PAM space and the brand is very well-known. Almost all Gartner clients researching PAM products are including CyberArk on their list of vendors to evaluate.
  • Product Strategy: CyberArk has a broad set of capabilities to serve the vast majority of PAM needs. The product set is very mature and is able to address difficult scenarios and edge cases./li>
  • Innovation: CyberArk has a history of trendsetting innovations; this past year, it developed a novel “secretless” broker to expand the capabilities of its secrets management tool and a full SaaS-based remote privileged access solution called Alero, making customer-installed remote-access software such as VPN solutions unnecessary.
  • Product: SQL logging and filtering for database administrators is supported as a Privileged Session Manager extension for Toad and Oracle SQL Plus.

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