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Event | 08.10.2020 - 29.10.2020

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    08.10.2020 - 29.10.2020
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Each Summit Citrix will focus on a key topic.

Each Summit program is intentionally broken into short, focused video segments built for digital attention spans (5-10 minutes each). No more than 90 min total.

The Summit Series digital events will ‘go live’ on the stated dates but will be pre-recorded. More specifically, on the date of each Summit, at a specific time, all video segments and the related dedicated assets will be instantly available. They will also be available following the event for online consumption. The ‘go-live’ time has not yet been finalized.

Users must register for a Summit event on the dedicated Summit hub on Citrix.com to get access to the pre-event and live/post event videos and supplemental resources. Once they register, they will be guided to the relevant Summit event experience pages to access pre-event content. After each Summit hits the ‘go live’ date and time, registered viewers can go can access and view the main program video content and related assets.

New, digital, Citrix-led fall series that includes three distinct events:

Citrix Cloud Summit

Citrix Cloud Summit will showcase exciting Citrix and partner innovations that will help customers migrate to their cloud of choice, automate hybrid-multi cloud workloads, and optimize performance. More details

October, 8

Citrix Workspace Summit

Citrix Workspace Summit experience will demonstrate the Citrix innovations that are pushing the boundaries of the digital workspaces of the future. More details

October, 22

Citrix Security Summit

Citrix Security Summit experience will amplify our expertise in security and showcase our unique, zero-trust framework, new app security capabilities, and more. More details

October, 29

Once you have registered and the Summit hits the go-live date, you will be able to view one or all video segments, during a single or multiple visits to the Summit site on Citrix.com.