AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. Setting up the on-premise-cloud infrastructure

News | 26.05.2023

Amazon Web Services Educational Demos. New series at Softprom Cloud Academy

Softprom Cloud Academy has added a video on working with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. AWS DRS is a cost-effective solution that minimizes downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises and cloud applications.

Topic: AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. Setting up the on-premise-cloud infrastructure.

Series: Backup and Restore.

Benefits of AWS DRS that allow you to:

  • meet the requirements: RPO - seconds, RTO - 5-20 minutes
  • flexibly select resources to perform replications
  • pre-select the launch configurations for each resource separately
  • conduct regular testing
  • conduct replicate in the opposite direction
  • use the procedures provided by the service for replication, testing, recovery and return to the original environment
  • use a single interface for configuration, management and monitoring.

АВС облачные сервисы. Инфраструктура в облаке Amazon

How to work with AWS Elastic Desaster Recovery (DRS)

  • Setting up replication, installing replication agents
  • Setting launch configurations
  • Carrying out test runs
  • Starting recovered VMs
  • Reverse return of VM.

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