AWS Directory Service. New demo at Softprom Cloud Academy

News | 01.05.2023

Free Amazon Web Services Video Library

Series: Virtual Desktops in the Cloud (VDI).

Demo: “Directory Service. Configuring Microsoft Active Directory on Amazon Web Servoces (AWS)”, duration 14 minutes.

How to work with Directory Service

  • AWS Managed Microsoft AD is a Microsoft Active Directory running on AWS Managed Infrastructure
  • Deployed across multiple availability zones
  • Ability to replicate across regions for global availability
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant
  • If a domain controller fails, the service automatically replaces it and replicates data
  • Automatic daily backups are made.

AWS облака

Demo for learning AWS services

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Softprom — Advanced Consulting Partner in the network Amazon Web Services. Softprom has the status of MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) partner of AWS, implements infrastructure migration projects to the cloud for Enterprise level companies.