AWS CloudTrail: monitoring and logging. New demo!

News | 10.11.2023

New serie in Softprom Cloud Academy. AWS CloudTrail Services

Series: Monitoring and logging

Demo: “AWS CloudTrail: Event tracking and logging”, duration 11 minutes.

Features of AWS CloudTrail

CloudTrail provides governance, compliance and audit for your AWS Account

  • CloudTrail is enabled by default!
  • Get an history of events / API calls made within your AWS Account by:
    • Console
    • SDK
    • CLI
  • Can put logs from CloudTrail into CloudWatch Logs or S3
  • CloudTrail Lake
  • A trail can be applied to All Regions (default) or a single Region
  • If a resource is deleted in AWS, investigate CloudTrail first!

AWS CloudTrail

Why activate AWS CloudTrail Insights

Enable CloudTrail Insights to detect unusual activity in your account: 

  • Inaccurate resource provisioning 
  • Hitting service limits 
  • Bursts of AWS IAM actions 
  • Gaps in periodic maintenance activity 

CloudTrail Insights analyzes normal management events to create a baseline. And then continuously analyzes write events to detect unusual patterns 

  • Anomalies appear in the CloudTrail console 
  • Event is sent to Amazon S3 
  • An EventBridge event is generated (for automation needs)

CloudTrail Insights

Demo for learning AWS services

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