[AWS case-study] AUTOBAZA retail and e-commerce infrastructure in the cloud

News | 19.12.2023

Deployment of AUTOBAZA retail and e-commerce infrastructure in the cloud

Prerequisites for migrating AUTOBAZA to the Amazon Web Services cloud

The transition to the cloud did not become a trivial task for AUTOBAZA, as the project absorbed quite a lot of specifics and legacy solutions over the years of its existence. During the audit and consultations, the main nuances of the existing and future cloud architecture were highlighted and determined, the optimal migration plan and the main stages were prepared and agreed upon.

At the first stage, the migration of all satellite services was implemented, and then the main to Amazon Web Services.

At the final stage of testing, AWS made it possible to test the project under a stress test load, which made it possible to more accurately calculate the required resources for the launch.

AWS provides the power you need right now. We have also set up automatic scaling, which allows us to use our resources correctly and economically. Regarding the price, we like the fact that we can manage all the resources ourselves and pay only for what we use.

Ilya Product Owner at

AWS fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure, autoscaling, smart backups - all this is worth the peaceful sleep of modern DevOps and the peace of business in general.

Maxim, DevOps at

Results of migrating AUTOBAZA IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud

  • Building a fault-tolerant, flexible infrastructure that allows you to scale and adapt very quickly
  • Fast, convenient implementation and deployment of new tools, technologies and solutions for business tasks
  • Infrastructure standardization and its documentation via infrastructure-as-code
  • The possibility of strategic planning of the use of resources and cost optimization.

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