AI tools for content creation in HubSpot

News | 16.08.2023

AI tools for content generation in HubSpot

Content Assistant is HubSpot's powerful CRM tool that helps you create unique content based on post placement, audience segmentation, and tone. The functionality provides real-time recommendations. Whether you're creating a long blog post or a short social media post, this tool allows you to create content quickly and efficiently.

Who can use Content Assistant?

Content Assistant is an indispensable assistant for the marketing team in creating, managing and optimizing any content. Content Assistant can help you with tasks like generating content ideas, optimizing content for SEO, creating social media posts, and more. It is designed to streamline your content creation process and provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve your content strategy.

HubSpot's Content Assistant functionality will also be useful for sales managers in cold outreach and follow-up communications with the client via emails. Available through the HubSpot mobile app. It is enough to open the application on the phone, select the type of letter, the tone of the message and send it to the recipient.

What can Content Assistant do?

Content Assistant allows you to rewrite the text, expand it with interesting facts and ideas, change the tone (professional, friendly, optimistic, etc.) of the publication or message that you send to customers. Can create a description (structure) of a site, landing page, blog.

Content Assistant is available in beta for all HubSpot subscribers.

Key features of Content Assistant for marketing

  • creating social media posts based on user requests
  • creating and editing email newsletters
  • creating a meta title and description for web pages
  • creating content for blogs and landing pages
  • creating emails by sales managers in the HubSpot mobile app
  • creation of emails by customer support

How does Content Assistant HubSpot work?

Content Assistant uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze your content as you write it. It scans your text, analyzes the structure, and compares it to a huge amount of data from successful pieces of content. Based on this analysis, he then suggests improvements such as improving readability, SEO optimization, or suggesting ideas on related topics.

Benefits of using AI HubSpot to create your content

1. Improved readability and engagement

Content Assistant analyzes your text based on various readability factors. It helps turn your content into easily digestible text. Offers suggestions for simplifying complex sentences, breaking long paragraphs into shorter ones, and even recommends alternate vocabulary to make your writing more fun.

2. Advanced SEO

Content Assistant takes the guesswork out of optimizing your content for search engines. It provides real-time recommendations for improving keyword usage, meta descriptions, and even suggests relevant titles or subtitles. By following these tips, you will improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website. From keyword optimization to meta tags, this tool helps you tailor your content to be more discoverable and reach a wider audience.

3. Consistent tone and style

Maintaining the same tone and style of content delivery is essential to creating a recognizable brand identity. With Content Assistant, you can create a style guide that matches your brand's voice. The tool will help you stay on track by providing recommendations on vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall content tone. This ensures that your content maintains a coherent and professional look throughout your communications with your audience.

4. Fresh and varied ideas

Content Assistant is an endless source of inspiration. Not only does it help shape your existing ideas, but it also offers guidance on related topics or aspects that you may not have considered. It effortlessly expands your creative horizons, ensuring you never run out of exciting content options. With Content Assistant, the possibilities are truly endless!

With its ability to improve readability, optimize SEO, and come up with fresh ideas, Content Assistant should be in your content creation toolbox. Don't forget to test Content Assistant if you're already a HubSpot subscriber. You can request a consultation from Softprom.

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