21/05 Deceptive Bytes is a master at tricking malware | Webinar

Event | 21.05.2024 - 21.05.2024

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    21.05.2024 - 21.05.2024
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Join on May 21 for the Online Session "Deceptive Bytes is a master at tricking malware". You'll learn how Deceptive Bytes helps companies mitigate risk, reduce operational burden and costs by closing the breach and stopping unknown and sophisticated cyberattacks that can bypass other security systems with a very lightweight, easy to deploy and manage solution.


  • Prevent unknown and complex threats with very high real-time prevention and detection rates
  • Don't rely on signatures so we don't need constant updates, can work in an offline environment
  • We work in user mode which means it is more stable than other solutions, more reliable and does not interfere
  • Support standalone and VDI environments
  • Invisible to malware (malware cannot see deceptive bytes)
  • Compatible with other security monitoring tools (SIEM/Log, QRadar, ArcSight, etc.)
  • We don't need to scan anything, so the agent is very lightweight and consumes almost no resources (<0.01% CPU, <20 MB RAM, <1.5 MB disc space)

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Dmitriy Kravchenko - Business Development Manager (Softprom).

We trick and stop ransomware by acting immediately and making them believe they have succeeded in encrypting files while we protect them in two ways:

  1. With our proactive defence, we fool over 90% of malware into believing they are in a sandbox or virtual environment. At this stage, the solution stops at least 90% of malware attacks and usually in less than 1-2 seconds!
  2. For the remaining 10%, thanks to proactive defence, we dynamically react to threats as they evolve based on the currently detected stage of compromise and change the outcome of the attack.

Learn more in the webinar!

*The workshop will be held in Russian.