20/04 Workshop: Extended Detection and Response to network threats with NETSCOUT Cyber Intelligence

Event | 20.04.2023 - 20.04.2023

  • Date
    20.04.2023 - 20.04.2023
  • Time
    10:00 - 11:30 (GMT+2)
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Join the April 20 Workshop, where we'll explain and demonstrate advanced network threat detection and response with NETSCOUT Cyber Intelligence. We'll look at the ATLAS Intelligence Feed, which automatically arms all NETSCOUT Arbor DDoS attack protection products with the latest DDoS attack tactics, known sources of DDoS attacks and Indicators of Compromise, so organizations can automatically protect themselves from DDoS attacks and other cyber threats.

Omnis Cyber Intelligence is a platform for Advanced Network Threat Detection and Response that helps security teams easily detect, validate, investigate, and respond to threats. Reduce the impact of cyberthreats with a digital forensics system that also integrates with popular Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms.

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Issues to be discussed in the workshop:

  • Modern Day Attacks – beyond Traditional DDoS.
  • Impactful Threat Intelligence. ATLAS Intelligence feed.
  • Smart edge protection.
  • Omnis Cyber Intelligence in action. Demonstration.


Alexander Tomik - Senior Systems Engineer (NETSCOUT).