14/03 [Online Workshop] Advanced, DPI-Based Network Detection and Response

Event | 14.03.2024 - 14.03.2024

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    14.03.2024 - 14.03.2024
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    10:00 - 11:30 (GMT+2)
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Join the March 14 Online Workshop "Advanced, DPI-Based Network Detection and Response". We will demonstrate enhanced detection and investigation methods with Omnis Cyber Intelligence (OCI). We will talk about Deep packet inspection (DPI) technology in NETSCOUT solutions.

Deep packet inspection (DPI) and analysis powers NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders platform, whether for enterprise or service provider networks. NETSCOUT's solutions leverage DPI to provide in-depth analysis of captured and stored packets. This enables IT teams to investigate and decipher the root cause of exceptionally challenging network and application issues. DPI is scalable for the world’s largest and most complex networks, empowering them to provide secure, peak network and application performance from anywhere at any time.

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Issues to be discussed in the workshop:

  • You Can’t Protect Yourself From What You Can’t See.
  • Netscout introduces next wave of Cyber Security.
  • Enhanced detection and investigation methods with Omnis Cyber Intelligence (OCI).
  • Omnis Security Event Center.
  • Security Ecosystem with OCI.


Alexander Tomik - Senior Systems Engineer (NETSCOUT).

*The session is being held simultaneously for participants from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Moldova - the language of the event is Russian.

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With Omnis Cyber Intelligence you can in real-time and at source of packet capture conduct multiple methods of vulnerability and threat detection including:

  • IoCs – Supports up to 2 million from threat intelligence feeds via NETSCOUT ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF), 3rd Party (STIX/TAXII) or custom internal feed.
  • Compliance/Policy Violations – Empowers the custom creation and configuration of policies for each network resource, defining desired behavior.
  • Signatures – Matching to known malicious network traffic or file, and patterns. Out of the box support for tens of thousands of Suricata-based and customers can add additional signatures from multiple sources.
  • Unexpected Traffic – Effectively identifies and flags various anomalies such as malformed packets, unauthorized protocols, weak ciphers, expired/self-signed keys, beaconing, and network scanning activities.
  • Behavior Analytics – Utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze the behavior of hosts and detects any deviations from normal patterns exhibited by peer cohorts.

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