12/03 Application control and endpoint security through Ivanti Application Manager | Webinar

Event | 12.03.2024 - 12.03.2024

  • Date
    12.03.2024 - 12.03.2024
  • Time
    10:00 - 11:30 (GMT+2)
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Join the March 12 Online Session "Application control and endpoint security through Ivanti Application Manager".

Issues to be discussed in the webinar:

  • Reduce risk, protect against ransomware and targeted attacks that try to take place in your environment.
  • Detailed privilege management that allows you to implement least privilege access and exclude local administrator accounts.
  • Manage application access and privilege management on PCs with minimal administration overhead.
  • Provide security with minimal impact on end-user productivity.
  • Practical cases - scope: Users with administrator privileges; Increase user privileges to install applications; Administrators with too many permissions; Applications that should be blocked; Install only approved applications.
  • Demonstration of the basic functionality of Ivanti Application Manager.

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Yaroslav Pakhtusov - IT Security Engineer (Softprom).

Ivanti Application Control combines dynamic allowed and denied lists with privilege management to prevent unauthorized code execution without making IT manage extensive lists manually and without constraining users. Automated requests and approvals via helpdesk systems lighten the load for IT staff while providing users a streamlined experience.

Learn more in the webinar!

*The session is being held simultaneously for participants from Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Moldova - the language of the event is Russian.