Logsign strengthens its position in the Georgian market by expanding its contract with Softprom.

News | 10.05.2023

Softprom, a Value Added Distributor of Logsign, announces the expansion of their distribution contract, enabling the delivery of Logsign solutions and services to partners and their clients in Georgia.

This step reflects the strategic development of the company and its commitment to providing advanced technologies and services to protect information assets in Georgia.

Logsign creates a reliable and uninterrupted cybersecurity system for large enterprises, minimizing disruptions through increased transparency and a strong focus on security.

The company specializes in detection and response technology, offering a full-featured and user-friendly SIEM platform. Logsign emphasizes innovation and the development of cutting-edge technologies to effectively address the ever-changing threats in cyberspace.

With the expansion of the distribution contract with Softprom, Logsign is ready to provide its solutions to Georgian organizations, helping them enhance their cybersecurity level and protect their critical assets. Together, we will create a secure digital environment.