Cloudian Unveils HyperStore 8

News | 22.11.2023

Cloudian, the leader in enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, today announced the launch of HyperStore 8 software, a revolutionary unified file and object data management platform that ushers in a new era of storage solutions for both traditional and modern workloads.

HyperStore 8 uniquely consolidates modern and legacy storage formats in a cloud-like environment that delivers on-premises control, bimodal file and object data access, and record-setting performance in an exabyte-scalable, geo-distributed platform. This combination makes HyperStore 8 ideal for both capacity-intensive and performance-intensive workloads in AI/ML, data analytics, data protection, and hybrid cloud.

As modern applications, such as AI training models and data lakes, generate increasingly vast file and object-based datasets, there is a growing need to streamline data management and enhance innovation by consolidating workloads and data types. Cloudian HyperStore 8 addresses this challenge by providing an on-premises solution that caters to both performance and capacity-intensive workloads, whether they are local, distributed geographically, or situated in a hybrid cloud environment. The platform boasts the industry’s richest S3 API compatibility, highest level of public cloud integration, object geo-distribution, and unified file and object management, all within a single control framework.

Key Features of HyperStore 8 software:

  • Leading performance: On an all-flash platform, HyperStore 8 delivers up to 17.7GB/s write and 24.9GB/s read from a cluster of six power-efficient, single-processor servers, representing a remarkable 74 per cent improvement in power efficiency compared to HDD-based systems.
  • Unified storage: File and object storage seamlessly integrate within a modular, software-defined-storage platform compatible with industry-standard flash-based and HDD-based servers.
  • Bimodal data access: Data is accessible in both file and object formats, regardless of its original format, making information universally available to both legacy and modern applications.
  • Global geo-distribution: Manage a global network of Cloudian storage nodes from a single screen, with fine-grained policy management to provide local storage performance, security and data sovereignty together with single-point-of-control simplicity.
  • Military-grade security: The most extensive set of security certifications in object storage, plus data immutability for ransomware protection and Secure Shell for intrusion defence.
  • Hybrid storage policies: Application-aware storage policy management to maximise performance and capacity efficiency in real time.

 Cloudian HyperStore 8 is available now for evaluation.