HYCU PROTÉGÉ: A Multi-cloud Data Protection Solution

HYCU PROTÉGÉ: A Multi-cloud Data Protection Solution

Your Organization is Agile and your Applications and Data Should be the Same Public Clouds let you spin up and spin down infrastructure as you need it. But too many organizations can’t do the same for their Enterprise Apps because of migration and DR solutions that are complex, error prone and expensive.

HYCU makes Application Data Migration, Disaster Recovery and Cross-Cloud Data Management as simple as 1-click.

Consolidated Data Management across clouds

In a multi-cloud world getting a handle on Applications data running on different clouds is a must and HYCU Protégé makes Cross-Cloud Data Protection Compliance and Management a breeze.

Cost – efficient, App Aware Disaster Recovery

Disaster are unavoidable the question is how we handle it when it happens without having to break the bank with HYCU Protégé you can bring up your entire set of applications or partial set of apps onto the cloud with just a click.

Spin-up App Consistent test/dev or production instances in minutes

Migrate Applications to balance your workload move your applications to Public Cloud or make your organization more agile by spinning up new test/dev instances with a click of a button