Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention

Gain The Visibility And Data Controls To Keep Critical Data Secure

Global brands and market innovators must protect their business-critical, sensitive data against accidental data loss, compromised users and malicious insiders. Forcepoint DLP provides security focused on people’s interaction with data, including in creation, storage, email, webmail, personal devices and cloud applications.

The industry’s most complete data protection platform, Forcepoint DLP is recognized as a market leader by industry analysts for its robust coverage of data discovery, endpoint control, network enforcement and extension into cloud applications. Forcepoint DLP is instrumental for organizations with an obligation to meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Forcepoint Advantage

Incident Risk Ranking (IRR)

Focus response teams on areas of greatest risk by applying behavioral analytics and machine learning to cluster DLP incidents in order of business risk.

Office 365 Support

Extend enterprise DLP policies and enforcement across O365 applications, with flexible deployment options including on-premise and Microsoft Azure. Integrate with Microsoft’s data classification and digital rights management technologies to increase visibility and control of critical data across your infrastructure.

Integrated incident workflow

Resolve DLP incidents faster with review and remediation – either via email or directly within the Forcepoint Security Manager.

Pre-defined policy templates for industries and regulations (including the EU GDPR)

Detect and protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII), industry data and intellectual property with policy templates for specific industries and regulations from over 60 countries worldwide.

Advanced detection

Detect critical data inside images with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), cumulative data transmission activity over time-to-data leakage fragments (“Drip-DLP” analysis), and indicators of compromise leading to data theft.

Integrate data protection and insider threat security

Include data awareness into Forcepoint Insider Threat to automatically detect high risk individuals and orchestrate the investigation of accidental, compromised and malicious users.