Global DDoS Threat Landscape

News | 13.04.2020

Imperva did observe a few massive network attacks during 2019 - including the largest ever recorded, which reached 580 Mpps at its peak.1 But these only accounted for a small fraction of the total number, most of which didn’t exceed 50 Mpps/Gbps.
Most network attacks were short, too. 51% were less than 15 minutes in length - and, at between 100 and 1,000 RPS, application layer attacks were generally mid-sized.

The report is a statistical analysis of 3,643 network layer DDoS attacks throughout 2019 and 42,390 application layer DDoS attacks mitigated by Imperva from May to December 2019.

In terms of targets, the computing and Internet sectors drew the attention of DDoS offenders, ranking as the third most attacked industry segment alongside some of the more regular attack targets.

Another notable development was the high number of network layer assaults against businesses in the East Asia region, making it the most dangerous region both in terms of the number of attacks and the likelihood of being attacked. The region served as home to the 4 most attacked countries, with India topping the list. Combined, East Asia drew 77.7 percent of all network layer DDoS attacks.

For application layer attacks, Ukraine was the biggest target, with more than 20 DDoS incidents per site on average. In 2019, application layer attack requests overwhelmingly came from the Philippines and China. Those source origination points were notedly the location of the machines used to carry out the attacks, not necessarily the location of the attackers themselves.

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