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About company

STULZ GmbH company was founded in 1947 in Hamburg (Germany), it is currently the world leader in the manufacture of precision air conditioners and other HVAC equipment. The company has offices in many countries, has 14 subsidiaries and 7 factories (in Europe, USA, Italy, India and China). STULZ well organized network of partners selling and servicing the installed equipment.

Equipment STULZ successfully applied all around the world, demonstrating the failure-free operation in all climates and highest precision control, which controls the air temperature to the degree.

Industrial air conditioning from STULZ - is reliable and efficient German decision. Such equipment will help you to cost-effectively serve the large energy of floor space and fully control both the air temperature and humidity levels.


Air Handling

The indirect evaporative Free Cooling Air Handling Unit


Chiller Line

Reliable and cost-effective cooling with water


High Density Cooling

Precision air conditioning for high-density data centers



Safe production processes, a comfortable room climate


STULZ Precision Air Conditioning

STULZ precision air-conditioning units


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