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Tripwire is a leading provider of endpoint detection and response, security, compliance and IT operation solutions for enterprises, service providers and government agencies. Tripwire solutions are based on high-fidelity asset visibility and deep endpoint intelligence combined with business context; together these solutions integrate and automate security and IT operations. Tripwire’s portfolio of enterprise-class solutions includes configuration and policy management, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management, log management, and reporting and analytics. https://www.tripwire.com/

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Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise is a security configuration management (SCM) suite that provides fully integrated solutions for policy, file integrity and remediation management. Organizations can use these solutions together for a complete end-to-end SCM solution, or use its file integrity monitoring or policy management solutions on their own to address today’s pressing security and compliance challenges—while building a foundation that positions them to address tomorrow’s.

Tripwire IP360

Vulnerability management solutions are only valuable when they help you prioritize your efforts effectively. Tripwire® IP360™ is an enterprise-class vulnerability management solution that enables cost-effective reduction of cyberthreat risk by focusing your remediation efforts on the highest risks and most critical assets.

Tripwire Log Center

Tripwire® Log Center™ provides secure, reliable centralized log collection, analysis and delivery. It readily integrates with your existing infrastructure, and with a large library of available correlation rules it empowers your team to monitor, detect and quickly respond to threats in your environment. Whether you collect logs strictly for regulatory compliance or to increase awareness of credible cyber threats, Tripwire Log Center ensures the process is secure and reliable.

Tripwire Industrial Visibility

How are you protecting your industrial assets from cyber threats? Industrial control system (ICS) environments pose unique security challenges that can quickly drain your resources if you’re faced with time-consuming manual asset inventory and a lack of cohesion between your organization’s IT and OT strategies. Many security solutions can disrupt ICS or SCADA equipment as well, meaning you need a solution that can give you an accurate network topology without negatively impacting operational availability."

Tripwire File Integrity Manager

Changes to configurations, files and file attributes throughout the IT infrastructure are just part of everyday life in today’s enterprise organizations. But hidden within the large volume of daily changes are the few that can impact file or configuration integrity. These include unexpected changes to attributes, permissions and content, or changes that cause a configuration’s values, ranges and properties to fall out of alignment with security or compliance policies. To protect critical systems and data, you need to detect all changes, capture details about each instance, and use those details to determine if a change introduces security risk or non-compliance. You also have to do that in real time to stop an attack from succeeding—or minimize the impact of a successful one.

Tripwire for DevOps

Tripwire® for DevOps is a comprehensive security SaaS that evaluates container images for vulnerabilities in a sandboxed cloud environment. It equips DevOps teams with a complete security assessment of new application builds as they move through the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) toolchain from development to production, providing a quality gate teams can use to fail builds of applications based on customizable security compliance and configuration standards. "


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