Innowacyjne webcasty bezpieczeństwa: Securonix

Reportage | 13.12.2018

Learn how the next-gen of SIEM Securonix detect threats that are invisible to traditional security measures and how it help to ensure compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.

Let us left just 3 bullets, summarize why Securonix is different from the competition and deserves your recognition:

  1. Securonix saves IT organizations time and money. IT eliminates rubber stamping and reduces access certification workload by 90%. It also results in a reduction of over 60% in the number of false alerts generated by DLP products.
  2. Snowden NSA breach, Target, Anthem and Sony – would have been prevented if the organizations had the Securonix Security Analytics Platform in place.
  3. With Securonix, organizations become more effective by infusing “Actionable Security Intelligence” into their security management practices, allowing them to do more with fewer resources, lower costs, and to gain a completely new perspective on information security threats and risks in their business.