UEBA Bolt 6.0

UEBA Bolt 6.0

Powered by Machine Learning That Detects Any Threat, Anytime, Anywhere.

Modern threats are complex, often executed with compromised credentials or with the help of insiders with legitimate credentials, and carried out over long periods of time. Predicting, detecting and containing these threats is near-impossible using traditional signature-based solutions that were not developed to protect organizations from advanced or insider attacks. Securonix UEBA Bolt 6.0 is purpose-built to rapidly detect any threat, anywhere, leveraging machine learning and behavior analytics that analyze and cross-correlate all interactions between users, systems and data to detect insider threats, cyber threats, fraud, cloud data compromise and noncompliance.

Light, nimble and quick to deploy, version 6.0 of UEBA Bolt is faster and smarter with a new, ultra-modern user experience based on design concepts that provide intuitive visualizations of enterprise risk and one-click actions for threat management and risk mitigation. Packed with enhanced analytical and machine learning capabilities, 6.0 comes with more than 350 out-of-the-box connectors and over one thousand one-click deploy threat models that immediately deliver tangible value.


Key Features of Version 6.0

  • Quick Time-to-Value
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Connector Library
  • More Packaged Applications For Fraud, Trade Surveillance and Patient Data Analytics
  • Threat Model Exchange
  • Predictive Learning
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Data Privacy
  • Securonix as a Service (SxAAS)

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