ZoneZero MFA

ZoneZero MFA

Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication and Identity Awareness to any Service or Application

Part of the ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration Suite, ZoneZero MFA allows you to easily integrate multi-factor authentication and identity awareness into all access scenarios for remote and internal users, VPNs, web applications, and non-web applications.

Achieving zero trust requires improved and continuous user authentication. While MFA and identification providers have improved the authentication process, there are numerous integration and maintenance challenges, including applications that are not compatible with MFA at all.

ZoneZero changes that by introducing central separation of the control plain from the data plain, providing visibility and awareness to any request for access, and enabling seamless addition of Multi-Factor Authentication into the existing flow.

How ZoneZero MFA works

Safe-T ZeroZone MFA


Built-in MFA or integration with 3rd party MFA/IdPs

Supports continuous authentication

Application access control policies for internal users

User > App and App > App use cases

Centralized approach with no client-side integration

Seamless integration and rapid deployment

Upgrade 2FA to true MFA

Optimize cost of deployment and ownership