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Netsparker, the web application security solution that automatically verifies identified vulnerabilities, was first released on the market in 2009. The secret behind Netsparker’s dead accuracy is its proprietary Proof-Based Scanning Technology.

When Netsparker was first released, industry veterans and vendors were skeptical of the dead-accurate claim; alleging it’s not possible to build a scanner with complete accuracy. Netsparker proved the industry wrong with a solution that’s able to verify findings without sacrificing coverage and continues to achieve the highest vulnerability detection rate and accuracy in third party comparisons.

Fast forward to today and Netsparker has grown into an industry leading web application security solution. Enabling teams to integrate with CI/CD and other systems in the SDLC and DevOps environment. As well as, allowing fully customizable workflows in which vulnerability assessments, triaging, and verification processes are all automated.

Netsparker’s technology has been the best performing in vulnerability detection and accuracy from third party benchmarks. World leading and renowned businesses such as Samsung, NASA, Microsoft and Siemens trust Netsparker to ensure the security of their web applications, web services, and web APIs.

Softprom by ERC - Value Added Distributor of Netsparker on European and CIS markets. Please find more information about Netsparker Ltd. on https://www.netsparker.com/



Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

An enterprise & scalable solution that enables organisations to easily find vulnerabilities in their web applications & web services, and ensure...



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Innovative Security webcasts: Netsparker from Softprom by ERC