LastPass MFA

LastPass MFA

Intelligent authentication, without the complexity. Connect employees to their work while maintaining complete visibility and control.

Passwords alone won’t keep your business secure.

Even with strong passwords, attacks are more sophisticated – and persistent. Pairing passwords with additional technology and authentication factors is essential to keeping the business secure.

LastPass MFA is an adaptive authentication solution that leverages biometric and contextual factors to go beyond standard 2FA, ensuring the right users are accessing the right data at the right time, without added complexity.


Multifactor authentication adds extra security to your LastPass account by requiring a second login step before authorizing access to your vault.

Leverage biometric and contextual factors to better protect your business while offering a passwordless user experience for employees.

LastPass MFA goes beyond standard two-factor authentication to ensure the right users are accessing the right data at the right time, without added complexity.

Business Plans. LastPass MFA

  • Adaptive authentication,
  • Biometric authentication factors,
  • Contextual authentication policies,
  • Centralized, granular control,
  • Flexible integrations,
  • In-depth reporting,
  • Security Dashboard.

Adaptive authentication

LastPass MFA combines biometric and contextual intelligence to prove a user’s identity with a combination of factors.

Passwordless user experience

Authenticate users seamlessly across all their devices, with a passwordless experience that doesn’t disrupt their workflow or slow them down.

Secure every access point

From cloud to on-premise applications, VPN and workstation, LastPass MFA secures every access point to the business.

Customize for your business

Get ultimate flexibility with a variety of MFA methods that can be applied at the user or group level.

Thwart attackers, not IT

LastPass MFA offers an intuitive multifactor experience that’s easy for admins to deploy and effortless for employees to adopt.

Simple deployment

No additional training or services required. LastPass MFA delivers security quickly while saving time and resources.

Centralized, granular control

An extensive list of granular policies control user access at an individual, group, and organizational level.

Convenient integrations

Automate user provisioning with user directories like Microsoft AD and Microsoft Azure AD, with easy setup and minimal day-to-day management.

Security by design

Biometric data is encrypted at the device level and never leaves the user’s device, so biometric data remains private and secure.

Take the first step

Secure access to your business, for all your users, no matter where they are.