COVID-19 Solution

COVID-19 Solution

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Containment and Contact Tracing Solution. GDPR compliant.

Employee Safety:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Control and Prevention with Kiana WiFI Location Analytics Solution as businesses return to work.

You invite your staff back to the office after quarantine and someone has tested positive for COVID-19. How do you keep them safe and productive without sending staff home again?

Rapid Containment:

Coronavirus control and prevention measures can be optimized by leveraging Kiana’s Site Management Solution to identify and physically map high use areas, and those areas visited by infected individuals. Localized COVID-19 cleaning measures can thus be targeted to infected locations instead of being applied to an entire facility.

Using our solution, once someone is infected, management can quickly check the recent history of where, when and with whom the infected person interacted. Then management can quickly contact those who may have been infected and immediately test and quarantine. This would dramatically slow the spread of any infections disease.

Business Continuity:

Kiana’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Solution offers significant advantages over alternative solutions which are based on cell tracking frameworks and apps such as Apple / Google contact tracing app. Kiana’s solution uses the existing private network in a facility and can accurately identify location and dwell times, in addition to an infected person’s contact with other people.

Kiana’s COVID-19 solution is in production and can rapidly contain an outbreak on a corporate campus by tracking MAC addresses and locations of employees and visitor.


Corona Contact Tracing

Intuitive Interface:

Kiana’s web-based interface allows administrators to easily configure, track, monitor and view analyses.

Zero Downtime:

Our solution does not require any changes to existing WiFi or Bluetooth infrastructure, ensuring easy and cost-effective deployment

Privacy and Social Distancing Guidelines:

COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines can be readily implemented using Kiana’s data collection, integration and analytics to optimzlly re-engineer your corporate facility. Many companies have already announced re-engineering their spaces to meet the social distancing guidelines.

As data is captured, it is obfuscated using tokenization and cryptographic technologies. That capatured data is encrypted at rest and in transit and discarded after a defined period of time, based on the client complaince policies. Privacy policies and use of information is also a function of user agreement and may be revealed or used upon emergency declarations or specific circumstances such as a self-declaration of an infection.