GigaVUE TA Series

GigaVUE TA Series

Edge traffic aggregation nodes

The GigaVUE® TA Series edge nodes aggregate multiple low-utilization network links — optimizing, filtering, and feeding the combined traffic to GigaVUE H Series products, where additional traffic intelligence can be applied. GigaVUE TA Series helps optimize and secure data center infrastructure at the server edge.

Use cases for GigaVUE TA Series

  • Aggregation of multiple SPAN/TAP traffic feeds into higher-speed uplinks
  • Extending reach and density of the Visibility Platform across the data center
  • Visibility into leaf/spine architectures for security and performance monitoring
  • Top of rack deployment, consolidating traffic to GigaVUE H Series node at end of row
  • Data center upgrades moving to Cisco BiDi infrastructures

Secure and optimize traffic at the network edge

Effective network visibility, network monitoring and network security begins with a properly constructed Visibility Platform at the edge. The edge typically includes traffic running over 1Gb or 10Gb links (but as high as 40Gb and 100Gb), often at very low utilizations (<5%). The GigaVUE TA Series edge nodes aggregate multiple low-utilization links, apply sophisticated Flow Mapping® and egress filters to optimize traffic flow, and forward traffic of interest to GigaVUE H Series products.Additional Flow Mapping® and traffic intelligence via GigaSMART® can then be applied to the aggregated traffic. GigaVUE-FM provides centralized management and control and programmable APIs for Software-Defined Visibility. Optional clustering allows full end-to-end traffic mapping and seamless integration with the GigaVUE H Series and GigaSMART. By tapping all the links and aggregating using the GigaVUE TA Series, data centers can secure and optimize their infrastructure at the server edge.

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