Ericom Shield

Ericom Shield

Ericom Shield - Remote Browser Isolation Protect your endpoints and network from browser-based attacks


Combining the benefits of advanced Grid technology and robust connection brokering, the cloud-ready Ericom Connect offers high availability, super-scalability and enhanced performance.

Browsers: The #1 Enterprise Threat Vector

Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) protects your data and networks from browser-borne malware while enabling users to freely browse the websites they need. By isolating all browser-executable code from endpoints, Ericom Shield reliably protects against unpatched browsers and plug-ins, zero-day threats, targeted attacks within web content and infected file downloads, while reducing operational burden on IT staff.

  • Endpoint attacks are on the rise Ponemon reports that 64% of businesses experienced endpoint attacks that compromised data assets or IT infrastructure, up from 54% just one year before.
  • Anti-virus and URL filtering aren’t enough Three-fourths of attacks use unknown or zero-day malware, and anti-virus solutions miss 57% of attacks. Fileless attacks, which anti-virus can’t catch, are on the rise, too. Site categorization approaches lets malicious code slip in on whitelisted sites.
  • IT is struggling to keep up Detection-based approaches require frequent resourceintensive patching and updates. They also yield many false positives and security alerts that burden IT and information security teams.
  • Remote Browser Isolation is the answer Remote Browser Isolation executes each website in an isolated virtual browser, remote from organizational networks. Rendered as a safe media stream and delivered to endpoint browsers, it provides a native, interactive and seamless browsing experience. Browser-executable code is effectively “air-gapped” away from endpoints, so networks are protected from even zero-day threats.

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Why you need Ericom Shield


Blocks the most prevalent cyber attack vector threatening organizations


Increases productivity by enabling safe user access to essential websites and downloads

Save Money

Prevents costly business disruption, system downtime, and reputation damage from cyber attacks

Easy Deployment

Clientless technology makes deployment and management simple

Reduce False Positives

Increases IT productivity by minimizing false positives and helpdesk calls


Works with all browsers, devices and operating systems

No risk from downloads

Eliminates risk from infected file downloads

Learn for future attacks

Gathers exportable data for post-event forensics


Ericom Shield: Protect Endpoints from Web based Attacks