EMA® is the universal appliance that legally archives your organization's information.

The system was designed to fully follow and correctly implement all current legal regulations regarding the archiving of business-relevant information.




Regardless of whether you want to archive e-mail messages, printed documents, files, or voice data (VoIP) – EMA® can meet your organization's individual requirements with its numerous modules and flexible interfaces. EMA®'s centralization of archiving processes for various content types allows you to consolidate all business-related information in one central archive for your organization..

The system was designed to fully follow and correctly implement all current legal regulations regarding the archiving of business-relevant information..




EMA®'s well-matched hardware and software components provide a secure archiving system that can be up and running in your organization's network within a very short time and with little administrative effort.

The powerful full-text search and attribute system allow you to control how information is organized, keep the archive easy to maintain, and allow users to find the information they require with little effort.



EMA Mail

The EMA® Mail module not only puts you on the safe side in terms of legal compliance, but also makes it much easier to organize and manage e-mail messages in your organization. No matter which mail server you use in your organization, Mail to Archive® will be compatible with it and can be up and running within a short time period.

EMA Cyber Defense

EMA® Cyber Defense is up and running with zero-downtime and goes to work instantly to protect your data. But the true power of the EMA® Cyber Defense solution is fully realized when an attack happens. In such an event, all indexed data on EMA® is immediately available to be restored or accessed directly. This makes your company immune to the crippling effects of cyber-attacks, ransomware trojans, and the ensuing criminal extortion that comes from having your all-important data held captive and encrypted by cyber-criminals.

EMA for SAP Solutions

Integrated system in which all requirements for modern management and archiving of information in SAP have already been implemented. EMA for SAP is an integrated solution that provides an integrated SAP content server and supports SAP-certified ArchiveLink interface for data storage according to requirements..

EMA Print

The solution for intelligent, legally compliant and affordable data management with little administration effort is EMA®. EMA® is an integrated system that has already implemented all of the requirements for modern SAP information management and archiving. EMA® offers everything in one solution, as it provides an integrated SAP Content Server and supports the SAP-certified ArchiveLink interface for legally compliant data storage.

EMA Scan

The EMA® Scan module provides an effective way to record the paper trail digitally, and to archive it in a legally compliant manner. The module allows for fully automatic scanning of documents. Documents are automatically stored in your organization's archive, and EMA®'s security technologies (electronic signature, a digital date/time stamp, and encryption) ensure the documents authenticity can always be verified.

File to Archive

Changes to file systems are continuously registered and any modified files are automatically archived based on predefined criteria. File to Archive® adds support for documents beyond the scope of a traditional e-mail and document archive, because it provides an interface for a file archive for documents of all types.

Voice to Archive

Voice to Archive® puts an end to this dilemma. It allows legally compliant archiving of voice data. It wholly integrates into your organization's archive, so you can play back archived voice data at any time. This allows you to document conversations, such as contractual agreements, or arrangements with customers or business partners in a proper and provable manner.