Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture - integrated BIM solution for creating and issuing detailed drawings, design documentation and visualization.

Allplan Architecture is the ultimate BIM solution for Architects enabling unlimited creativity combined with efficient project documentation. 

Produce detailed designs together with unparalleled drawing quality. Be more successful:

  • Comprehensive 3D modeling and attribute tools
  • Professional drawings and visualizations
  • Precise materials take off for accurate costin

The new version Allplan Architecture 2020 focuses on modeling. On the one hand, the staircase modeler introduced for the first time in Allplan 2019 has been expanded in order to further increase user-friendliness and productivity. On the other hand, there is now a new tool for modeling different roof types with an easy-to-use user interface based on property palettes. Optimizations have also been made to attribute management and the object palette to support the BIM working method.

BIM-aided design

Allplan enables you to build virtually first then in reality, indicating any errors and conflicts early even during the design phase, avoiding delays in construction.

Design freedom

The powerful Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens, which is integrated in Allplan, offers greater freedom when creating 3D models.

Visualization at the highest level

The integrated CineRender from Maxon enables you to create high-quality visualizations intuitively and efficiently directly from Allplan.

Precision down to the working drawings

Drawings are derived from the BIM model and are therefore always up-to-date. Additionally, the powerful layout and design tools offer maximum precision when generating drawings.

Reliable quantity takeoff

Benefit from maximum reliability in quantity takeoff; room schedules, floor space calculations and door lists which are generated from the 3D model.

Smooth data exchange

To ensure smooth reliable data exchange with planning partners, the software includes high-quality interfaces with all conventional exchange formats, including DWG, DXF, DGN, IFC4, and PDF.

Flexibility of application

Allplan is flexible in your individual design processes, from purely two-dimensional working drawings through to the object-oriented BIM working approach.

Optimized teamwork

With Allplan, you can collaborate on a project within an office and also across multiple locations. Together with the cloud-based platform Bimplus and Allplan Share, the multidisciplinary coordination of BIM models becomes reality.

Rapid productivity

A modern and intuitive user interface facilitates role and task based working enabling you to rapidly learn and become more productive.


Allplan is also ideal for use on particularly powerful, high-resolution monitors (4K/UHD monitors with 3840 x 2160 pixels and more).


Allplan Share

With "Allplan Share" you benefit from a direct collaboration with planning partners around the world with one and the same Allplan data. It is based on the BIM platform Allplan Bimplus and also allows the direct connection to other tools via the open API.

Allplan Environment

In combination with Allplan Architecture or Allplan Engineering, building construction and civil engineering works can be efficiently planned while taking into account the real terrain, the urban development environment and the surrounding road network

Allplan Workgroup Manager

Allplan Workgroup Manager assumes the organization of CAD work stations in local networks (LAN) as well as via Internet. It creates clear synergy effects in medium-sized and large planning and construction firms.

Allplan License Server

Allplan License Server provides effective management and optimum use of your licenses. The license server allows secure access to licenses in the corporate network, while offering flexible usage for licenses outside of the office.