Network Security Scanner

Network Security Scanner

To check the security of your network services and network devices, you need a dedicated network scanner.

Network vulnerability tests should be an integral part of every cybersecurity policy. To check the security of your network services and network devices, you need a dedicated network scanner. Other types of scanning tools, such as web application vulnerability scanners, are not built to detect network security risks. When you introduce a new security tool into the business environment, it may make it more complex to manage your IT security.

Luckily, you can find tools that combine a network vulnerability scanner with a web application vulnerability scanner. However, most such tools focus strongly on one area only and cannot provide full security coverage. Acunetix goes beyond what other products can offer by combining the best of both worlds: the best web vulnerability scanner engine, the best network security scanner engine, and a leading-edge vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management solution that works with both of these engines.

The Need for Network Vulnerability Scanning

Network vulnerabilities don’t make it to news headlines as often as other security issues such as malware, phishing, ransomware, or web vulnerabilities. However, it’s the network security issues and misconfigurations that often let the attackers take the first steps when they compromise systems.

Open ports and exposed services such as FTP, SSH, database servers, etc. are one of the most common configuration issues that lead to major data breaches, especially if coupled with weak passwords. For example, most recent major data breaches happened because businesses exposed their database servers such as Elasticsearch to the public.

A network vulnerability scanner also helps you discover the lack of security patches for your network devices, web servers, or operating systems. Missing patches or late patching may expose your infrastructure to dangerous attacks, both in the case of Windows and Linux.

You can use your network scanner to find many other network security issues. For example, you can check whether you are using secure SSL/TLS ciphers.

Harnessing the Power of the OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

One of the most established and best network security scanners in the world is an open-source tool – OpenVAS. Its roots go back all the way to 1998 to the open-source Nessus project started by Renaud Deraison. Acunetix closely integrates with OpenVAS, making it even easier to use.

Acunetix treats vulnerabilities discovered by the OpenVAS engine and by the Acunetix engine the same way. It means that after you run a scan, you have a common list of web and network vulnerabilities that you can manage and remediate.

Acunetix is a vulnerability assessment tool and a vulnerability management tool, and when integrated with OpenVAS it becomes network security assessment software. Just like in the case of web vulnerabilities, you can prioritize and manage your network vulnerabilities along with web vulnerabilities to proceed with further penetration testing or remediation.

You can manage all the vulnerabilities discovered by Acunetix using an external issue tracker, for example, Jira, Microsoft TFS, GitHub, GitLab, Bugzilla, or Mantis. This also includes network vulnerabilities. Therefore, Acunetix effectively and uniquely enables simple integration between OpenVAS and issue trackers.


Управляйте, защищайте и понимайте, что происходит во всей вашей сети, с решениями от Gigamon.


обеспечивает видимость зашифрованных сеансов


устраняет избыточную информацию удаляя дубликаты


фильтрует контент на основе подписи или шаблонов


обрабатывает ERSPAN трафика для консолидации, фильтрации и пересылки


разгрузка NetFlow и генерация метаданных из сетевых элементов


пересылает пакеты на средства мониторинга через инкапсуляцию IP/UDP или L2GRE


позволяет скрывать конфиденциальную информацию: пароли, финансовые счета и тд


масштабирование трафика с учетом пропускной способности


определяет и перенаправляет трафик соответствующий сеансам


распределяет трафик между несколькими портами на основе параметров


позволяет фильтровать и перенаправлять сеансы подписчиков


маркирует исходный порт и фиксирует время, добавляет в точке сбора