About company

Acunetix is a global web security leader and the first company to build a fully dedicated and automated web vulnerability scanner. Over 4,000 companies worldwide trust Acunetix to protect their assets, align with their policies, and integrate with the development lifecycle.

Acunetix brings an extensive feature-set of automated penetration testing tools, enabling security analysts to perform a complete vulnerability assessment, and repair detected threats. With global headquarters in Malta and North American headquarters in Austin, Texas, Acunetix customers include many Fortune 500 companies and include banking, education, healthcare, government, defense, and technology industries.

Also, an interesting fact that Invicti was founded in 2018 by bringing together Netsparker and Acunetix, two brands that identify web vulnerabilities to prevent costly data breaches and other security incidents. At the moment, Invicti Security is responsible for supporting and developing Netsparker и Acunetix.

Softprom is an official IT Distributor of Acunetix. www.acunetix.com.

Find What Other Scanners Don’t:

  • Detect over 6,500 vulnerabilitiesincluding SQL injections, XSS, misconfigurations, weak passwords, exposed databases, and out-of-band vulnerabilities.
  • Scan all pages, web apps, and complex web applications, including single page applications with lots of HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Advanced macro recording technology lets you scan complex multi-level forms and even password-protected areas of your site.

Better Results in Less Time

Get proof that vulnerabilities are real and not false positives and have Acunetix assess the severity of the issue, giving you immediately actionable insights.

  • Intuitive and easy to use, Acunetix eliminates lengthy setup and onboarding times. You can get set up and start scanning in just a few clicks.
  • Acunetix verifies which vulnerabilities are real, freeing your team from chasing down false positives.
  • Saves time with lightning fast scans that find key vulnerabilities immediately and don’t hog your network or overload your servers.

Automation at Your Fingertips

Extend the power of Acunetix even further with automation.

  • Schedule and prioritize full scans or incremental scans according to your traffic load and specific business requirements.
  • Manage identified issues with built-in vulnerability management functionality or integrate with your current tracking system, whether it be Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bugzilla, or Mantis.
  • Scan new builds automatically with modern CI tools, such as Jenkins, and import pre-seed crawl data from Fiddler, Burp, Paros, Postman, and more.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Current Systems




Acunetix Standard is a web vulnerability scanner, which automatically tests your websites for over 6,500 security vulnerabilities.



Acunetix Premium is a web application security solution for managing the security of multiple websites, web applications, and APIs. Integration features...