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SNYPR Security Data Lake

SNYPR Security Data Lake

Uncover Actionable Intelligence Through Super Enrichment, Search And Visualization

Organizations collect and store massive volumes of data; the challenge is deriving meaningful value from it. SNYPR Security Data Lake® super enriches data with contextual user, asset, geo-location and network intelligence that transforms big data into meaningful security insights with blazing-fast search and elegant visualization.

SNYPR Security Data Lake is powered by Hadoop, a massively scalable, fault tolerant, open-data platform that ingests hundreds of terabytes per day and supports reliable, economical, long-term data retention. The open data model is key. It provides a single source of data that extends to SNYPR’s packaged use cases: insider threat, cyber threat, fraud and compliance, as well as any other custom use cases or applications the enterprise needs.

The SNYPR Security Data Lake delivers a SMARTER, FASTER and MORE ECONOMICAL way to reveal comprehensive, actionable insights into an organization’s security posture.


Key Features

  • Connector Library
  • Super enrichment of security data with contextual information
  • Search & Visualization

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