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About company

In this age of unprecedented digital connection, your role as a technology professional has never been more critical. You drive your organization's ability to innovate and take advantage of today's connected technologies, while safeguarding us from the significant risk that comes with pervasive interconnectivity. But without the right information at the right time, it's impossible to accurately understand what's happening in your world or act quickly to take control of the outcome. Forced to rely on a plethora of point solutions, you're drowning in fragmented data, with little to no insight. Your organization is at risk and it's hard to feel confident that you're taking the right action at the right time.


In 2000, Rapid7 founders, Alan Matthews, Tas Giakouminakis, and Chad Loder, were executives of a software company. Even then, they paid close attention to the challenges customers face, always looking for simple, innovative solutions. What they consistently heard from customers was that security was a huge and complex challenge for their organizations. Tas, Chad and Alan realized that good security starts with visibility - visibility into what’s on your network, your assets, the vulnerabilities and the prevalent threats.  

Softprom by ERC - Value Added Distributor of Rapid7.


Rapid7 AppSpider

Web application security testing to close the gaps in your apps


Rapid7 Metasploit

Penetration testing software for offensive security teams.


Rapid7 Nexpose

Vulnerability management software to help you act at the moment of impact