About company

AppGuard, by Blue Planet-works, provides award-winning cyber-attack protection for servers and endpoints for both large enterprises and small and medium enterprises. AppGuard's patented inheritance technology prevents the possibility of implementing cyberthreats at the kernel level without the need to recognize good processes from bad ones. To protect in real time, all attempts by malicious software are blocked without the need to recognize malicious code.

Applications and utilities are protected by AppGuard - attacks using application vulnerabilities and the capabilities provided by utilities are no longer relevant. All attempts to commit malicious actions with their help are blocked. According to statistics, every week about 2.5 attacks on the IT infrastructure of the business are successful. Using AppGuard solutions, this number is reduced to zero by preventing threats missed by detection tools.

AppGuard solutions help reduce costs, because the “detection and response” model is very costly because it requires a constant increase in intellectual and human resources to respond to the threat and eliminate damage. AppGuard easily adapts to updates. It is enough for him only to know the primary parental process. There is no need for update policies, because more than 95% of endpoint policies are defined, which makes the implementation process easy and quick. For more information visit https://www.appguard.us

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