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Have a perpetual license?

Move to subscription and save on the latest software of your choice.


Autodesk industry collections at 25% off - ideal if you need more than one Autodesk product

Get the most out of your favorite software. Industry collections combine leading products with specialized solutions to optimize your workflows so you can do more, faster, with greater confidence.

You can buy 1-year subscriptions or for 3-year subscriptions, please contact your Autodesk Reseller.


Save up to 25% on individual products

You can also trade in any eligible old licenses and trade up to the newest individual products of your choice.

AutoCAD®, AutoCAD LT®, Civil 3D®, Revit®, Inventor®, 3ds Max® and others.

Buy 1- or 3-year subscriptions from your Reseller


How do I get this offer?

Simply trade in your qualifying old perpetual license(s) and purchase a new 1- or 3-year subscription to any eligible collection or individual product of your choice.

Once you submit your perpetual license(s), you agree to discontinue use of the traded-in license(s).
This offer ends April 20, 2018.

Can I get a different product than I have now?

You do not need to purchase the same product as the perpetual trade-in license. For example, you can trade in an old, eligible perpetual license of AutoCAD and subscribe to a collection at the promotional price.


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Upgrade to ONYX Thrive and receive a 90 day subscription to ONYX Hub, completely FREE

Now is the time to upgrade to the next generation of wide-format print workflow technologies. By converting your current product to an ONYX solution, Onyx Graphics will include a 90 day subscription to ONYX Hub, giving site wide production data on ink usage, media waste and costs, to drive better business decisions.

Limited time offer.


Step ONE

Upgrade to any configuration ONYX Thrive solution from your authorized reseller, install and register your product and start using your FREE subscription to ONYX Hub

Step TWO

Start seeing real-time and historic production data by printer, station or job including costs to make better business decisions.
Use your subscription to find out how much profit you’re really making.

Promo will be active from January 15 until April 30 2018.



Why care about ONYX Hub?

Real data will help reduce waste and increase the profitability of your print shop.